Quality Certificate
The quality policy focuses on doing the right thing at first time, and introduces the concept of quality/manufacturing/service design on the development side, while the factory side promises to maintain high quality by standardization and combine with each other to become the corporate culture. As a responsible corporate citizen, we also fulfills our social responsibilities, respects human rights, and paying attention to conflict mineral issues continuously. It is committed to investigating the supply chain in detail to ensure that gold (Au), tin (Sn), Ta), tungsten (W) and other metals are not mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighboring countries controlled by armed groups.

To control the quality of the manufacturing process, the company has set up many systems to prevent human errors, such as standard operation procedure, quality management systems, quality automatic warning system, education and training system, environmental management system, correction and preventive measures system. All work under the relevant management system is disciplined to ensure the quality of consistency.
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